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Game Schedule change: SATURDAY 09/05 Games Vs. Marlins
by posted 08/31/2020


Team, family and friends,


Saturday's 05SEPT game against the Marlins has been moved up to this Wednesday 02SEPT @ 6PM.  We will be playing on the Softball field that is adjacent to the T-Ball field. 

With this change, we will not be playing on Saturday 05SEPT.


Coach B

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CANCELLED: Cardinals Practice Session #2
by posted 08/10/2020



Due to the weather we will NOT be holding practice today.  I typically wait until an hour before the designated time to send out any cancellations.





Coach Tom and myself are looking to hold our 2nd practice session this Wednesday at Field #3 (near the Tee-ball and Softball fields).  The session is booked for 75 minutes that should give us a good hour of practice. 

Note: Gameday uniforms are NOT required.  This way they stay clean for the next game.  Dress the kids in comfotable play clothes, hats, cleats, support cup, and other required protection equipment.   I'm requiring that they wear a baseball cap so they get used to having them on.

Objectives for the practice are:

  • Continue to get to know each other
  • Baeball ready
  • Catching (Fielding) and throwing
  • Batting practice - setup, stance and swinging mechanics
  • Practicing situational scenarios
    • Bunching
    • Plays to first (for now)
    • Communicating on the field - Backing up other players/positions

Hope to see everyone out there on Wednesday.  Please let us know if you WILL or WILL NOT be able to make the practice session.

Coach B


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Equipment information and team site information
by posted 08/09/2020



    UPDATE 01:  09AUG2020 @ 9:52PM


 Correction made about Helmets.  Updates are highlighted in RED.





Team site and Equipment information:




Below is a a quick list to help everyone get started with the MR-LL season.  If you have any questions, please reach out to myself or Tom for help. We will be looking to add additional practice sessions to get everyone comfortable with the team and be better prepared for game days.  


  • MR-LL Website:  Please check the MR-LL website for any news or updates for the season (http://mr-ll.org).  I use the website to post messages and updates.  Its a very good resource to keep everyone informed.
  • League Athletics APP:  Provides direct access to MR-LL website using an Android or iPhone smartphone - http://www.mr-ll.org/mobile_promo.asp?org=mr-ll.org
  • Uniforms and Equipment: The league will be providing hats, T-shirts, and socks to all the players, however, pants and belts will not be provided.  Please look to select a light grey colored pair of pants for the 2020 season.
    • Stores to consider:  
      • Dicks Sporting Goods| Walmart | Target | 5 & Below (has limited baseball equipment at very reasonable prices)
    • Cleats - Not required, but if you expect your child to be an active player then non-metallic cleats are a good addition.  Cleats  provide good traction when batting, running and fielding.
    • Helmets - Required that everyone buys thier own helmet.  Note:  The league will NOT provide supplemental helmets this season as it has done in the past.
    • Bats - New Little League regulations were imposed on bats two years ago.  For more information, feel free to visit the Little League website:  (https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/bat-rules/
    • Batting and Baseball Gloves: Take your time to get a baseball glove that fits your childs hand and that they have the strength to work the glove.  Ensure that the glove is a comfortable fit.  Battings gloves are optional, but do come in handy if your child is comfortable batting.
    • Baseball Game bag - Not necessary, but helps keep your equipment together and ready when you need it.
  • Game days:  During the course of the season, we understand that everyone may not be able to make every practice or game.  If you foresee that you will not be able to make practice or a game, please let me and Tom Rafael know as soon as you can to make any necessary adjustments.  
  • Contact information:  We can be contacted via email, cell or text 
    • email:   | Cell phone (609) 738-0090
    • Tom Rafael: traf102@me.com


As more information is made available, I will be reaching out to keep everyone updated.  Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns.


Coach Briceno, 

MR-LL 2020 Cardinals Rookies Manager

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03AUG2020 - Cardinals 1st Practice / Meet and Greet @ Field 2
by posted 08/02/2020

Subject:  1st Practice - Meet & Greet

When: Monday 03AUG2020 from 5:30 - 6:35 (Extra time if needed)

Location:  MR-LL Baseball Field #2 (Just across from the closed snack shack building)

Objective:  Get everyone together, administrative details and overall logistics for the season


Greetings everyone,

Tom Rafael and myself, Glenn Briceno would like to announce our first meeting for the 2020 MR-LL Cardinals Rookies season to be held at Field 2 at the little league park tomorrow at 5:30PM.  We look forward to meeting everyone and look forward to the fun times ahead.  Below is an outline of what I will look to cover tomorrow. 

Please let us know if you will or will not be able to make tomorrows' first practice / meet and greet session.



  • Introductions:  Glenn Briceno - Team Manager | Tom Rafael - Team Coach
  • Roll call - Meet and greet, introductions, meet the kids - Get to know the players and family
  • Discuss our current climate - Discuss the policy, process, procedures and conduct upfont so we can focus on baseball
  • Waivers
  • Safety - Points of contact, safety equipment and locations.
  • Equipment overview - what’s needed, what to get - I'll follow up with a separate announcement.
  • Review the season - Season schedule and key take aways
  • Communication - Website / App overview / Game cancelations / contact information
  • Practice and Gameday check in process - Overview of what to expect
  • Volunteering  / Q & A
  • First Practice - Light session
    • Equipment and safety rules / Team structure & team conduct
    • Drills
      • Knowing the field / Positions
      • Running the bases
      • Throwing
      • Catching
  • Closeout


Hope to see everyone out there tomorrow.


Glenn Briceno (AKA Coach B)

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