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Trenton Thunder Sunday June 11th
by posted 05/22/2023

Giants Families,

Reaching out to let everyone know about the league's annual outting to the Trenton Thunder game on Sunday, June 11th.  This is a really fun event that all families should consider attending!  The kids all love it, as they get to go on the field with their team and have a special day with the "big ballplayers".  It is a fun day for the adults as well as we get to all hang out as a group and enjoy some laughs, food, and drinks away from our Little League fields, for a change.

I encourage everyone to attend and please extend the offer to other family members and friends who would also like to attend.  

Tickets for MR-LL players is free and $12 each for non-player attendees.  Cash or checks made out to MRLL are preffered and can be handed in to me.

The league will be looking to get a headcount by the end of this week to pre-purchase the lot of game tickets.  Please consider coming out to the event!


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Welcome to the 2023 MR-LL Spring Minors Season
by posted 03/05/2023

Greetings everyone,

My name is Glenn Briceno.  Greg Rosta, Chris Scannell, and myself would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the 2023 Spring Little League season.  We will be your sons’ coaches this season in the Minors Division.  Our team this year will be the Giants and have assembled a team of ten great boys.  In alphabetical order, I present to you the members of our team:

Rhys Bhatia | Jordan Briceno | Aidan Defoe | Rocco Dutka | Francesco Giampa | Declan McGrath | Jonathan Rosta | Dean Scannell | Aaron and Adrian Szumowski

Practices will begin shortly in preparation for our Opening Day event on April 1st.  Volunteers are always welcomed for the annual field work detail that will take place on Saturday March 11th beginning at 0800 and goes through the early afternoon.

Below is a summary of details to help everyone prepare for the upcoming season.  I’m accessible anytime, so please feel free to reach out to me as needed via email or text.   
My contact information is:   | (c) 609.738.0090


That’s all for now … Welcome to the GIANTS!  - We look forward to an exciting and fun season with the kids and families.



Coach Briceno, 

MR-LL 2023 Giants Minors Manager / Coach


League website/ app for team updates and other information:

MR-LL Website:  www.mr-ll.org.  we typically use the MR-LL website to provide everyone with any news or updates throughout the season.  The website announcements provides everyone with a good centralized resource to keep everyone informed and up to date. 

Mobile app:  You can download the League Athletics mobile app to your smartphone  to access all of the information found on the MR-LL website. The app also allows you to RSVP for games and practices.  https://www.leagueathletics.com/mobile_promoB.asp?org=mr-ll.org.

Uniforms and Equipment: 

Safety Equipment

  • Athletic cups: Required for all practices and games – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Chest protector:  Recommended for all practices and games
  • Cleats: Required - Provide good footing while at bat and traction for running and fielding.
  • Helmets:  Required - Everyone needs to buy their own helmet.  Faceguards are highly recommended.  Faceguards attach to the helmet and come in different styles.
  • Bats – Must meet the little league requirements and must bear the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat standard. For more information visit the Little League website:  (https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/bat-rules/
  • Baseball Gloves: Take your time to get a baseball glove that fits your child’s hand and that they have the strength to work the glove.  Ensure that the glove is a comfortable fit.  
    Note:  Dick’s Sporting Goods can steam your glove to help break-it in.
  • Battings gloves: Recommended, some players buy gloves for both hands. 
  • Baseball Game bag: Recommended - Keeps your equipment together when you need it.

2023 Season Schedule – Practices and Games

  • Pre-Season practices (Spring Training – Before opening day):  We will look to convene once a week before the season officially starts to get everyone to know each other and cover some of the basics.  Weather will determine if how much practice time we can get in.  We will look to meet on either field 2 or 3 throughout the season for practice. 
  • In-season practices (different from pre-season practices) will be scheduled through the MR-LL site. 
  • The league will publish the official game schedule safter they are finalized.  


  • Volunteers are welcomed to assist with only running practice sessions/drills.  Assistance during games will be called upon on an as-needed basis only.  Parents can coordinate any snacks, refreshments and photography, for practice and game days.  Anyone wishing to volunteer at any capacity will need to fill out the volunteer application that is available on the MR-LL website. 

Missing practices and games Additional play time:  

  • During the course of the season, we understand that everyone may not be able to make every practice or game.  If you foresee that you will not be able to make practice or a game, please let us know as soon as you can to make any necessary adjustments.  The APP is the quickest way to RSVP and update your attendance.
  • To mitigate the need to cancel any games, there may be opportunities to open our roster to other players from other teams to play for us when we are short.  Likewise, our team can also support other teams who may be short in fielding a team on their game day.  If you feel that your child would like to get more play time and help out another team during the season please let us know.

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