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2021 Cardinals Meet & Greet | 1st Practice
by posted 04/01/2021

Who:    2021 MR-LL Cardinal Rookies & Parents/Guardians
What:   Meet & Greet, Uniform Handout, 1st Practice Session
When:   Saturday, 03 April, 2021 @ 2:30PM - 3:40 (15 min admin overview/+55 min of practice)
Where:  MR-LL Little League Park - Softball Field Area

Cardinals and Cardinal family members,
Coach Tom and myself would like to get everyone together this Saturday to kick off the season with our first practice session.  We'll look to meet with everyone, go over some administrative details, hand out uniforms and get a practice session in with the kids.  Requesting all the players dress ready to play to include cleats and their own individual peronal baseball equipment.  We will provide the practice balls and non-personnal practice equipment.


Regarding the world climate as it relates to COVID-19 and our 2021 season, the league is adhereing and following state guidelines applicable to group gathering and outdoor sporting activities.  With the understanding that we will be conducting the season with given pre-set conditions and constraints, I ask that we all be respectful of those around us and the level of protection individual families choose to implement within thier housholds for their own peronal levels of comfort and protection.  In a follow up announcement, I will post the MR-LL Program Preparation Plan that covers the expectations of coaches, players, and spectators as it realtes to processes, best practices and the use of personal protection equipment (PPE).

Adminstratively, I will be looking to enter this planned practice session into our Cardinals events calendar, so you should also see an update for this event come across again.  In the event that we have to cancel any planned practices or games due to weather or any other reason, I will look to use both the event calendar and the team announcement page to get the word out to everyone.


I personnaly am looking forward to seeing everyone and cathching with kids and families.  Saturday is looking to be a nice day to be out on the field.  It will be good to see everyone and enjoy some well desrved time outdoors and have fun. 


Good times, more to follow ...

Coach B and Coach Tom

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by posted 03/28/2021

Parents and Guardians,

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2021 MR-LL website, Team Announcements, and Uniforms
by posted 03/28/2021

Cardinal Parents and Guardians,

Below you will find a bulleted summary to help answer some questions you might have about the MR-LL website, League Atletics App (I know, another App!), how we share information, who and how to contact us, and a detailed list of uniform/equipment requirements/recommendations.  


Messaging and Announcements 

  • MR-LL Website:  Please check the MR-LL website for any news or updates for the season (http://mr-ll.org).  I use the website to post messages and updates.  It’s a very good resource to keep everyone informed while providing a historical and record of upto date announcements and changes.
  • League Athletics APP:  Provides direct access to MR-LL website using an Android or iPhone smartphone - http://www.mr-ll.org/mobile_promo.asp?org=mr-ll.org
  • Game days:  During the course of the season, we understand that everyone may not be able to make every practice or game.  If you foresee that you will not be able to make practice or a game, please let me and Tom Rafael know as soon as you can to make any necessary adjustments.
    • Please use the email practice/game notification emails or the APP to provide us with an understanding of who will or will not be attending to plan accordingly. Using the RSVP email links or the APP provides us with real-time participation updates.
  • Contact information:  Both Tom and I can be contacted via email, cell or text 
    • Coach B:  mail:   | Cell phone (609) 738-0090
    • Coach Tom: 

Uniforms and Equipment

  • The league will be providing hats, shirts, and socks to all the players. Pants and belts will not be provided.  We will be using light grey pants and black belts for the 2021 season.
    • Stores to consider:  
      • Dicks Sporting Goods| Walmart | Target | 5 & Below (has limited baseball equipment at very reasonable prices)
    • Cleats – Must be non-metallic cleats.  Cleats provide good traction when batting, running and fielding.  Soccer cleats should be fine to use at this level of play.
    • Helmets - Required that everyone buys their own helmet.  Make sure it fits snug and not loose.  It shouldn’t impeded on the players ability to focus while at bat or as a runner on base.
    • Chest Protector – recommended and sold as an integrated undershirt.
    • Athletic cup – required.
    • Bats - New Little League regulations were imposed on bats a few years ago.  For more information, feel free to visit the Little League website: (https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/bat-rules/) . 
      • Bats must bear the USABat logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat standards.
      • Bat buying tips:  How to buy a baseball bat (length & weight:  This link gives a good overview https://youtu.be/I04_QuaBQqY .  Note, another metric is to gauge the length of the bat to be just under or near the bellybutton.  At this age its hard to find a good go to answer since all the kids bodies are all over the place.  The bat weight is important to keep an eye on.  You don’t want it too heavy.    Bottom line, the bat needs to be comfortable with the player. Sports stores like Dicks have a batting cage to let the kids swing and hit the ball off the tee with a simulator.
    • Baseball Gloves: Take your time to get a baseball glove that fits your child’s hand and that they have the strength to work (open and close) the glove.  Ensure that the baseball glove is a comfortable fit.  
    • Battings Gloves:  Optional, but do come in handy as your child gets comfortable batting.
    • Baseball Game bag - Not necessary, but helps keep your equipment at the ready when you need it and in order.

If you have any questions please reach out to myself or Coach Tom at any time.


Coach B.

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Welcome 2021 MR-LL Rookie Cardinals!
by posted 03/28/2021

Greetings Cardinals, Families, and Friends,

My name is Glenn Briceno and together with Tom Rafael, we will be managing and coaching the 2021 MR-LL Cardinals Rookies season.  This will be our second season teaming up as coaches and we look forward to the practices, games and little league outings that we will experience together over the weeks and months to come.  I am most excited for the memories and bonds we will make both on the field and in the spectator stands. All our players come from awesome families and I look forward to meeting up with everyone weekly throughout the season.  Our players collectively have varying levels of experience and we will look to use everyone’s strengths to build us up as a team.  Tom and I strive to be fair in how we distribute and field offensive positions, batting orders, and how we highlight and recognize player performance and participation.  Recognition goes both ways and we’re fair to highlight them equally. 

Please join us in welcoming the 2021 MR-LL Rookie Cardinals!

Anthony B.

Bryce B.

Colton B.

Jordan B.

Christian M.

Noah M.

Nico R.

Anthony S.

Sebastian T.

Brandon U.

I will be sending out a follow up announcement about announcements, uniforms, equipment, schedule dates for spring training (pre-season) and game schedules when it becomes available.

More to follow ...


Coach B and Coach Tom

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